Bare Beauty Minerals - Be Bare! Be Beautiful! Be You!
Mineral products to mesmerize the eyes and accentuate any wardrobe! Below you will find a collection of eyeshadows that will last you for months of use. Now that's beauty on a budget!
Waterproof Mascara Black Cat
Black in color mascara
Price: $3.95
Pink Crush
A very flirtatious and fun color for summertime. This item can be used as blush as well.
Price: $7.00
Candy Apple Crush
A delicious shade of green to awaken the eyes.
Price: $7.00
Southern Sweetheart
A very vibrant shade of pink for the true sweetheart within.
Price: $7.00
Tropical Teal
A teal hue to bring out the tropic hottie in you.
Price: $7.00
Cool Breeze
An earthtone with a kick of sparkle
Price: $7.00
Brown Eyed Girl
A warm earthy brown tone for a natural look
Price: $7.00
Southern Belle Blue
A rich blue hue for irresistible eyes
Price: $7.00
Dusk Diva
A dark charcoal color for that smoldering smokey eyed look
Price: $7.00
Sea Foam Summer
A ligth green color for a cool summer
Price: $7.00