Bare Beauty Minerals - Be Bare! Be Beautiful! Be You!
We have a selection of shades to fit everyones skin tone and sizes to accomodate your budget. All full sizes of 2grams are shown on this page. Chekout the samples page if you're unsure of your shade.
Light Foundation
Mineral foundation for the palest of skin. If you burn easily in the sun then this foundation is probably right for you.
Price: $8.50
Medium Foundation
This shade will match over 80 percent of all women and those who have olive undertones or sometimes or always tan and generally don't burn.
Price: $8.50
Tan Foundation
This shade will work if you have naturally tan skin or are normally a medium shade and have been tanning.
Price: $8.50
Dark foundation
This shade is well for african american skin or latino skin.
Price: $8.50